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BeerBus Rules & Etiquette

Simple guidelines to have a safe and fun experience on the BeerBus. By making a reservation, you accept the terms&conditions!

Smoking is not allowed on the BeerBus

Standing up, leaning out, or jumping off the Bus is dangerous and forbidden

All passengers are responsible for the damage they cause during the tour 

Common sense! If you are in violation of any law or regulation, we have the right to stop the tour immediately

If the passenger arrives drunk and/or heavily intoxicated at the meeting point, we have the right to refuse service

Dress code! Appropriate clothing is required. We can not start/continue the tour if you are wearing a costume, half-naked, or fully naked.


All participants must be minimum of 18 years of age

Littering or public urination is strictly forbidden. In case of violation, we stop the tour immediately

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